Special Combination Dog Training and Exercise Service

If you are out all day and are concerned about your dogs welfare; perhaps he or she does not like being left alone, or they are high energy individuals that you cannot dedicate the amount of time to them that you would like.If you are having issues with your training due to lack of time or specific knowledge, we can take your dog for a portion of the day, offering the exercise service, and training service combined into one.

Your dog will benefit from varied exercise sessions followed by a break and then training each day. The training can be specified to your needs, teaching your dog manners, basic obedience, socialisation or fun party tricks, as well as more specialist training or challenging behaviours rectified depending on your requirements.

Note this is not a dog day care service, your dog will receive varied one to one training sessions each day they spend with the trainer and participate in either group walks or one to one walks depending on your dog.

On this day release service you are receiving the benefits of external training similar to what you would get with the boot camp option, however you will still be able to enjoy time with your pet, bonding and practicing reinforcement of training that has been carried out for yourself. This way, any issues that arise between you and your pet can be caught early to achieve maximum results.