Dog Training

Offering 1 to 1 Services and Group Classes or send your dog off to ‘Boot Camp’

With the 1 to 1 services we will work with you in your own spaces, home, backyard, local parks etc.
With the ‘boot camp’ service your dog will live with the trainer for a period of time, having fun while learning. Your dog will be treated as one of the trainers dogs, with access to many beautiful trails, hills, beaches and woods.Your dog will receive lots of play time and exercise time as well learning obedience and respect for humans and other animals through positive and reward based techniques, (more of a ‘learning’ holiday than a boot camp).
Group classes also available at certain times of year – contact us for more information.
For ‘Problem’ dogs – please contact us if you have issues with your dog and we can help you address your problems with training – examples include, lack of obedience, separation anxiety, aggression.

Prices vary depending on option chosen, please contact us via the contact page for more information. Please note not all dogs may be suited to ‘boot camp’, our trainer will evaluate case by case and recommend the best course of action. Equally not all people are suited to dog training which is why we offer the ‘boot camp’ service, it takes the pressure off you having to find the time and patience to train.