Other Pet Services

Evaluation Services

Evaluations for finding a pet that suits your needs and lifestyle

If you are not sure what sort of pet or specific breed suits your lifestyle we can come and evaluate your home and your personal lifestyle needs,
and recommend what type of pet or breed would best suit you.

We also offer a remote service where we can discuss your options via telephone or email.
For the remote evaluation you will need to provide photos and information of your home and surrounding areas to ensure we are able to evaluate effectively.

Pet Bereavement Services

If you have recently lost a pet and want to talk about it or if you have a second pet who is suffering from the loss of its friend then we can help both you and your pets through these difficult periods of time.

Change of Circumstances

Also covered are issues with pet behaviour following a change in your circumstances for example such as pets affected by a break up or death in the family or a house move.


Employee Karen Duncalf is an amateur photographer, willing to take on photo shoots of pets.
If you would like to arrange a photo shoot for your pet, please get in touch via our contact page.