MCM Pet Services and Consultancy is run by Marisa Mackenzie. O.A. Dip.

Marisa has Diplomas in Animal Psychology and Animal Psychology Advanced covering topics such as canine and feline communication, understanding of canine/feline actions, common psychiatric challenges, anxiety, fear and aggression.

Marisa also has emergency situations covered for the dogs in her care with a qualification in ITC First Aid for Dogs which is SQA accredited, and compliant with recover guidelines 2012 and Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.

Her own dogs have always been large breed rescue dogs who have come with various issues including aggression and separation anxiety which she overcame with long term training.

She currently has a rescue Labrador who enjoys and excels in agility competitions and a German Shepherd who she is currently training in obedience/scent work and agility as well as a 13 year old tabby cat.

She has a strong belief that all dogs are good dogs and can be trained at any age.

She says ‘training dogs is generally easy – it’s training the owners that is the hard part’

‘Many dogs with behaviour problems are just lacking in training – once good reward based training is put into place, the dog is happier and more balanced’

‘Training is subtly ongoing and never stops, it is about consistency to your dog’

Fully insured for the following: Dog Training, Dog Walking, Pet Behaviourist, Pet Minding, and Pet Transportation.